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Each brand outsole is made from a strategic compound that helps maintain surface contact. All patterns contain specific spaces and tread depth to allow liquid and grease to channel between floor and sole to prevent hydroplaning and increase slip-resistance.

SkidBuster Styles S5070, S5071, S5072, S5073, S5075, S5076, S5077, S5085, S5087
Grabbers Styles G1240, G124, G112, G1120
Grabbers Styles G1170, G1180
SlipGrips 7324R, 7364R, SG1230
SkidBuster Styles S5050, S5053, S5055, S5056
SlipGrips Style SG1210
Dr. Martens Styles 13964001, 13965001, 13967001

All outsole tread patterns are chosen and designed with hospitality industry conditions and ASTM F1677 slip-resistant test methods in mind. To see the actual individual product outsole for a particular style, just roll over the outsole image on the style detail page.