Managed Safety Shoe Program

As a division of Lehigh Outfitters, through the service of Lehigh CustomFit, we are the leader in managed corporate shoe programs. We provide your company with the tools required to ensure employees are safe from potentially dangerous working environments. Review our amazing program options that allow us to take you out of the shoe business.

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Some CustomFit Benefits

  • Data Exchange

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  • On-Site Kiosks

    We'll send you an on-site ordering kiosk to facilitate initial programs or recurring orders if your company qualifies.

  • Vouchers

    Make ordering one step simpler for your employees by purchasing vouchers that you can hand out to your employees.

  • Subsidy & Payroll Deduction

    We can incorporate your subsidy and payroll deduction programs to make payment simpler and easier for your employees.

  • Multi-Employeee Ordering

    Within a CustomFit website, use a one-time order form for every employee for better record keeping and time savings.

  • Automatic Email Notifications

    Upload your employees' emails to send recurring notifications to keep them safe!