Non Skid Shoes
Non Skid Shoes - Slip Resistant and non-skid shoes
Non-Skid Footwear Tips:
  • Wear shoes identified as having
    non-skid soles
  • Wear low-heeled shoes
  • Avoid shoes with thick heavy soles
  • Tied shoes with a fairly snug fit are
    the safest
What are non-skid shoes?
How can you tell they are non-skid?

  1. Product states they are non-skid soles
  2. Walking or rubbing on linoleum does
    NOT leave a rubbery skid mark.

We know Non-Skid Footwear!

Here at SlipGrips, we carry a large selection of non-skid shoes and the name brands you can trust. Above are our styles specifically designated as 'non-skid' sole shoes. This is just a small selection of our non-slip product line.

A non-skid shoe should also not be confused with a "safety shoe." Although some safety shoes are non-skid, a safety shoe has other characteristics and requirements. It is important to check whether a safety shoe is also non-skid if that is the kind of shoe needed.

The important thing to look for in a non-skid shoe is quite simply that the shoe will not leave a skid mark on the floor. Often times restaurants and grocery stores want to make sure their employees are wearing non-skid so that the floors they keep clean are also free from these skid marks.

A non-skid shoe is one where the sole of the shoe is resistant to water or oil (or both), reducing slipping. The soles are made with special rubber compounds and tread designs that allow the shoe to grip the floor more firmly than shoes without the special sole. Although many non-skid shoes are on the market, some are more resistant than others.

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