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SlipGrips, a leading designer, manufacturer and provider of Slip-Resistant footwear, introduces DragonGrip - a cutting-edge non-slip tread design that is bringing the gaming market to its feet.

The key to DragonGrip's unparalleled performance is the combination of an advanced technology rubber compound that is confidential and exclusive to SlipGrips with a patented revolutionary tread design. The propriety tread consists of hundreds of hexagonal pylons of varying heights that form a 3-dimensional pattern. On a micro level, each individual 6-sided pylon independently adjusts to changing surface textures while creating numerous small channels that efficiently funnel away liquid, soap and grease. At the same time on a macro level, the larger valleys created by the 3D relief allow for faster dispersion and therefore greater outsole-to-floor contact. It's a smarter, ambitious, multi-tasking, fearless outsole that empowers the wearer to work the floor with the sole of a dragon.

Independent laboratory Mark II ASTM F1677-05 test results confirm unrivaled performance in maximum surface-to-surface contact to prevent slipping and sliding. Superior test scores of .62 in oily and wet (vegetable oil and water) and .54 in soapy conditions (50/50 blend of liquid soap and water) powerfully prove this outsole outperforms the competition in reducing slip/fall incidents and improving employee safety.

But while these shoes definitely have the brains, they also have the looks. From the iconic Vans-style skate shoe to the trendy Keds-style athletic, employees will enjoy wearing these fly hot dragons.

The true draw of these trend-setting kicks is the unique use of fresh bold colors in the uppers as well as in the outsoles. While SlipGrips definitely offers industry-standard black for conservative uniform wear, we take it up a notch with cool color options. These shoes can be tailor-made to your specific company colors to fashionably coordinate with your brand identity. The colored tread adds a subtle flash of bad-ass dragon that secretly inspires a more productive shift and allows your employees to show their true colors while staying safely on their feet.

You can also maximize employee safety by incorporating a comprehensive shoe program. As a division of Lehigh Outfitters, SlipGrips is the leader in managed corporate shoe programs. With a dedicated website, on-site kiosks, subsidy, payroll deduct and voucher options and so many other customized services to specifically fit your company needs; you will increase employee participation and significantly reduce the risk and cost of slip and fall accidents.